1. This Must Be The Place: Quality Hits From Lansing

  2. The Wild Honey Collective Volume 1
    The Wild Honey Collective

  3. Candy Coated Cannonball
    Jeremy Porter and The Tucos

  4. Pessimist
    Slow Draw

  5. A Benefit For Mac's Bar Staff

  6. Ornaments of Affection
    The Soods

  7. Dead Ringer b/w Hummingbird Heartbeat
    Jeremy Porter and The Tucos

  8. It Is

  9. Stumblebee [BEES volume 3]
    The Plurals

  10. Hot Singles Club
    The Stick Arounds

  11. Grumblebee [BEES volume 2]
    The Plurals

  12. Drinking Mercury
    Drinking Mercury

  13. Small Parks
    Small Parks

  14. No Skull
    No Skull

  15. Disappointed Dad
    Disappointed Dad

  16. Drinking Mercury / The Soods

  17. Brutal Gravity

  18. F.T.R. Showcase
    For the Record

  19. No Use For Christmas
    Jeremy Porter and The Tucos

  20. 1987
    Jeremy Porter

  21. End Transmissions
    Robot (Re)pair

  22. Mumblebee [BEES volume 1]
    The Plurals

  23. Sonic Euthanasia

  24. Ten Years With The Devil
    The Hat Madder

  25. At Least She's Still In Love With You
    Jeremy Porter and The Tucos

  26. Blaine and His Keyboard
    Blaine and His Keyboard

  27. Ways To Hang On
    The Stick Arounds

  28. Headacher
    Extra Arms

  29. There Is No Language In Our Love
    Erotic Novels

  30. The Sexy Murders / Drinking Mercury

  31. Sleeping Timmy and The Blackhole Sound
    Sleeping Timmy

  32. Don't Worry, It's Not Contagious
    Jeremy Porter and The Tucos

  33. R0771N9 0N 7H3 V1N3
    The Hat Madder

  34. A Rebel One
    Jason Paul

  35. SWISH
    The Plurals

  36. GTG100

  37. Huckleberry - Single (+2 Live)
    Jeremy Porter and The Tucos

  38. Red Teeth / Some Plurals

  39. It Could've Been A Lot Worse
    Frank and Earnest

  40. I Feel So Good I Can't Stand Myself
    Two Houses

  41. Idiot Cousin
    Tommy Plural

  42. Beach Noir
    Hut Two Hike

  43. He Just Wrote Them Like That

  44. Harder Dude Stuff
    The Hunky Newcomers

  45. Honest Light
    Small Parks

  46. Mystery Garage
    The Stick Arounds

  47. How Much Art Can You Fake?

  48. American Nights / Chouse Party

  49. Light Bender
    Red Teeth

  50. Dreadpool Parker
    Dreadpool Parker

  51. An Onion Tied To My Belt
    The Plurals

  52. Time to Val Kilmer

  53. 33 On 45
    Honah Lee

  54. Morbidly Obtuse
    The Fiction Junkies

  55. Modern Country
    Frank and Earnest

  56. Cave Needles
    Cave Needles

  57. The Plurals & Black Sparrow Press

  58. Secret of the Booze
    The Hunky Newcomers

  59. ... Have Just Enough to Cover Up
    Narc Out The Reds

  60. It's Fine.

  61. Orgy Opposite
    The Hat Madder

  62. Another Hour to Burn
    Not The Bees!

  63. Orcades
    Drinking Mercury

  64. Life Won't Let Me
    Honah Lee

  65. The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective
    The Plurals

  66. The Metaphorical Steven

  67. Words
    Drinking Mercury

  68. Old Francis
    Frank and Earnest

  69. ... Are On the Run
    Narc Out the Reds

  70. Rogue Notes and Phones
    The Hat Madder

  71. What Is Life
    The Plurals

  72. Handle With Care

  73. For You Blue - Joseph "Dim" Wolstenholme
    Joseph "Dim" Wolstenholme

  74. GTG Fest 2019

  75. GTG Fest 2018

  76. GTG Fest 2017

  77. GTG Fest 2016

  78. GTG Fest 2015


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