Sleeping Timmy and The Blackhole Sound

by Sleeping Timmy

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Music has always been something that has had a hold of me. When I was young, I’d dream of making music. Since the first time I saw the Beatles on A Hard Day’s Night! Or that time I watched KISS fight the Phantom of the Park, I knew music was that “thing” for me. Music has always been the one thing that always makes sense. I’ve made music ever since I got a guitar back in high school. I’d record little tracks on my parents old desktop computer. They sounded horrible, but it was a practice I never stopped doing. I eventually stepped up on my gear and gained a condenser microphone. I’ve always wanted to release a full length. I’ve done it in my bands, but not from my own personal moniker. Well, at least one I was proud of. I’ve attempted it. But recording quality was something I had no understanding of. It wasn’t until I understood what adjusted EQ did for sound. And I still don’t quite understand it, I just know I can hear things better. For that I give a huge thank you to Eric Merckling for always being a great critique of my work from 2012 and on. You helped me understand sound (or at least enough to fake it). I’ve got to give a thank you to my GTG Family for always inspiring me and reminding me that I don’t know how to do life without music. Tommy, Hattie, Nich, Michael, Isaac, Chris, Pudvay, Josh David and Kevin specifically. You constantly remind me of how awesome this thing we do is. I also got to give shout outs to Horky, Pat, Levi and Troy. It was working with you guys that brought me to this situation. Even though we don’t play together anymore, you guys restored confidence in my performing and gave me a new found confidence in creating this record. I am pretty sure I would have always ended up here, but I wouldn’t have gotten started on this path so quickly without my high school Art Teacher Oz. The first time I heard “Only in Dreams” was in your class. I am still chasing writing a song like that. I definitely would not have gotten to this path without my cousin Josh. We found music together, we found playing guitar together. I am forever grateful of how we started that path of our lives together. Seth, Josh Ryan, Frankie, and Zach, can’t move along without giving you a thank you. Fred, my long lost cousin (even though it’s our wives who are cousins, not us), you’ve always been supportive of my work and I’m always constantly inspired after crossing paths with you. Mom and Dad for putting up with my noise while I was trying to find it. Uncle Paul for always supporting it. Finally, this record wouldn’t be possible without my goldmine, Alyson Rose and our two young chaps, Eddie and Charlie. You support this constantly and listen to mix after mix. You help me see a vision and help me work to find it. Most importantly, you support my need to go into the meditative space to create this. This won’t be the last time I do this, I promise. But it’ll be worth it. Extra Thank You - Logan Duddles for the awesome music talks over a pint, those talks were a huge inspiration in this journey. Double Thank you - Tommy, Isaac and Michael for being extra ears during the mixing process. I have to give credit where it’s due and say, what made me want to work on this record was listening to Jeff Rosenstock’s Worry. I came home and started writing songs after that. Also The Beatles, All of them, The Beach Boys, Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel, Manchester Orchestra, Straylight Run, The Rentals, Third Eye Blind, Early to Mid Nineties Flaming Lips, Superchunk’s I Hate Music, Mumford and Sons Wilder Mind, Pixies, the That Thing You Do! Soundtrack, Buddy Holly, the Into the Wild Soundtrack, and “How Do You Do It?” by Gerry and the Pacemakers.


released February 18, 2018

All songs written and performed by Sleeping Timmy.

Except banjo on “Your Rockets Know” and Mandolin on “Look to the Moon” performed by Logan Duddles.
Saxophone on “You Are The Breeze” and “Time” performed by Johnny Unicorn.
Djembe on “Time” performed by Michael Boyes.
Drums performed by programmed drum loops created in Garageband. Recorded in Ada, MI at the Rodriguez Compound.

Produced by Sleeping Timmy.
Mastered by Isaac Richmond Vander Schuur

Photography by Michael Boyes.
Album Artwork by Alyson Rodriguez.

GTG Records 2018. GTG109.


all rights reserved



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